Shiatsu Massage Futon

Shiatsu Massage Futon

Traditional japanese Shiatsu futon. Used for Shiatsu massage, exercise mat or guest bed.


  • Our Shiatsu has 3 layers of cotton, the most popular and comfortable configuration, especially for the knees of the massage therapist.
  • Handmade in Quebec.




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Components description

Cotton Fibre

Cotton fiber is used in our mattresses because it is partially a natural material which fits the body shapes and absorbs the humidity. Then our body can better regulate the heat and the sleep is less disturb by the increase in temperature.

The white cotton comes from the cotton flower that undergoes mechanical modifications. The jagged flowers are getting rid of their shell by passing through different vibration stages. Once the cotton is clean, polyester fibers are added to it following the futon flammability requirements in Canada. This cotton is naturally white and not chemically treated. The compound is distributed in layers of different sizes. We only use cotton in layers in the making of our futons. The cotton in layers is more resistant to compression and it allows to avoid any movement of the material inside the mattress.


Quebec (Canada)
Family-owned business since 1981


We’re proud to donate $10 for every mattress sold to Nature Conservancy of Canada

Established in 1962, NCC is Quebec’s leading not-for-profit private land conservation organization.