We’re a small family-owned business operating in the mattress industry since 1981.

We specialize in the fabrication of niche products: quality natural mattresses, meditation cushions, shiatsu massage futons, yoga bolsters and pillows.  Our products are entirely handmade in our Montreal workshop.


Many of our mattresses are completely natural but they are not necessarily organic (some of the components could be). Our goal is to create mattresses with that are the most natural possible without a prohibitive price of all-organic components.

We recommend using any type of solid and stable frame without any boxspring.

It is preferable for the mattress to be on reasonably spaced slats, allowing a circulation of air and preventing any accumulation of humidity for a fresh and confortable feeling.

On adjustable beds, mattresses containing latex will take the shape of the bed better because of their weight.

Our mattresses are standard sizes:
twin 39″x75″ (99cm x 190cm)
double 54″x75″ (137cm x 190cm)
queen 60″x80″ (152cm x 203cm)
king 76″x80″ (193cm x 203cm)

It is possible to make a non-standard mattress.  However, the measurments cannot excede 76″x80″ (193cm x 203cm) and the shape must be rectangular or square.  Take your measurements and contact a dealer for more details.

The wool cover is not washable and is not meant to be removed. To protect your mattress, use a removable and washable mattress cover. We recommend using a mattress cover in natural fibre if possible so you don’t loose the advantages our mattresses offer.

We’d really like to meet you but our workshop is not open to public. Please visit a retailer to try our products and get more information.

Manufacturing Defect

We offer a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects, namely those affecting the envelope seams, the tufts compressing certain fibres or the excessive shifting of raw material.

It is possible that upon purchase the mattress might be slightly shorter than the purchased size; this is usually due to storage and packaging. Unless the size difference is significant, it is not considered a defect. The mattress will go back to its original size on a short-term basis following use.


There are several models of mattresses and compression will vary depending on the quality of components. We consider defective compression exceeding 20% of the original thickness of the following components:

  • 2.1 lb density foam: 10-year warranty
  • Dunlop latex: 20-year warranty : 10-year complete warranty plus 10 years prorated from day one 

Cotton and eucalyptus fibres are pre-compressed using tufts and it is expected that these fibres will continue to compress before stabilizing. This compression is considered normal and is not covered by the warranty.

*** The compression is based on a maximum bodyweight of 100 kg (220 lb). The normal amount of compression will be greater if the user exceed this weight.


Situations Not Covered by the Warranty:

  •  normal wear and tear of products, i.e. compression of cotton, wool and eucalyptus;
  • product’s loss of firmness over time;
  • mould problems (see “Maintenance” section on how to avoid mould);
  • deterioration caused by improper use or poor maintenance, such as insufficient rotation;
  • mattress used for commercial purposes, such as in hotels and inns;
  • dissatisfaction regarding comfort;
  • any other situation not described in this warranty.

Mattress Care

The lifetime of the mattress is usually longer than the warranty period and a well-maintained mattress will be comfortable for several years.

Hygiene and Cleaning

To keep the mattress clean throughout the years, it is recommended to use a mattress cover or mattress pad. This will protect the mattress from damage and will absorb part of the moisture generated by the body at night.

To clean the mattress you can vacuum it from time to time. To clean stains, wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap as required. Make sure to dry the mattress well so that no moisture remains in the fibres.



In order to avoid mould problems, avoid placing the mattress on a solid surface or on the floor. Ideally, use a slatted base to ensure good air circulation.

Should you place your mattress on a solid surface, it is important to inspect your mattress regularly in order to detect the presence of moisture and to rotate it more often.


Most of our mattresses are symmetrical and rotating them maximizes their lifetime. About once a month, flip the mattress over and rotate it 180 degrees (randomly) to allow an even compression of the components.


To restore some flexibility in the natural fibres (cotton, wool and eucalyptus):

  • Holding the mattress by both ends, lift it one metre from the floor and let it fall to the floor a few times.
  • Take advantage of a hot, dry and sunny day to air out the mattress.
  • It the mattress can be folded, fold it a few seconds in one way and the other.

Doing a mattress rotation is not the most enjoyable task for many of us but the long-term benefit is worth a little effort.  Rotation will almost double the lifespan of a mattress.


No need to worry or loose sleep (especially in this case!) when it comes to rotation techniques but we recommend to rotate every season (there are 4 seasons, even if one seems a bit longer…).  Alternate the head/feet and top/bottom rotation so the mattress gets used evenly.


Even if our mattresses are bulky and kinda heavy (for a mattress, that is considered a quality…), transportation is getting more accessible all over Canada.  For more details, contact a retailer from the “Where to buy” section.  On our side, we’ll work hard to offer more point of sale in a near future.

For more informations, it is better to directly contact a retailer from the “Where to buy” section as we are usually busy making mattresses!

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be pleased to discuss of the business opportunities.