Shikibuton Japanese Mattress

Shikibuton Japanese Mattress

The Shikibuton Japanese futon is a traditional bed usually used on tatamis and folded during the day to be stored.  The cotton compresses over time and offers a firm comfort.  In the West, these futons are used more often by persons who are looking for a very firm and grounded sleeping surface or travelers that have experienced this type of comfort. They also make a very convenient and stylish guest bed.  

  • Made of two layers of eucalyptus fiber and two layers of cotton fiber at the core.
  • Available in various materials.
  • Can easily be rolled or folded. Two straps are sown at the bottom to tie the mattress.
  • Protect your Shikibuton by adding a removable and washable cover.
  • Handmade in Quebec.


We offer different versions of Shikibuton :

  • Traditional (4 layers of cotton fibre)
  • Eucalyptus (2 layers of cotton fibre + 2 layers of eucalyptus fibre)

The Eucalyptus Shikibuton is an ameliorated version of the traditional all-cotton Shikibuton.  The core is made of two layers of cotton fiber topped by layers of eucalyptus fiber on each side.  The eucalyptus fiber is more breathable and eco-friendly.  It also has more elasticity, and becomes less firm than cotton fiber when it’s compressed. Visually they look the same and roll easily.

  • Deluxe latex Made of 2″ of all-natural latex and two layers of eucalyptus fiber .

You like the idea of sleeping on a traditional Shikibuton but find it a little too firm? The Deluxe Latex Shikibuton futon is still firm and stable but the extra layer of natural latex adds some thickness for the perfect balance of comfort.  The core is made of 2″ of all-natural latex with layers of eucalyptus fiber on each side; all tufted inside a 100% cotton fabric.




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Components description

Eucalyptus Fibre

Eucalyptus fibre is used as the first layer under the mattress envelope. Already used in some textile products, this fibre has extraordinary temperature-regulating properties and we are proud to be among the firsts to use it in the materials that make up our mattresses.

  • Soft and comfortable, it is ideal when combined with latex or a firm foam to achieve a balance between firmness and comfort.
  • Regulates heat well, allowing the body to remain cool and dry.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and anti-dust mites

Volume: 2″ before compression
Origin: Australia
Confection: Montreal

Eucalyptus fibre is a derived product of the eucalyptus tree pulp. The produced fibre is soft and perfectly convenient for mattress manufacturing because it is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-dust mites. Its great capacity to absorb humidity compared to its volume. Eucalyptus fibre has very high humidity absorption and breathing capacity which repels parasites like dust-mites who tend to infest humid environments. Also, its very fast drying ability considerably reduces the propagation of bacteria and moist, adding to the life span of the mattress, countering the development of bad smell in long-term.

Added to all these positive effects on our sleep, growing the eucalyptus plant is very easy, making it an eco-friendly material. The plants do not require any pesticides to survive and the tree reaches maturity very fast. Even better, eucalyptus forests almost need no water spraying to grow. Studies show that eucalyptus only needs 155 gallons of water/pound of produced fibre and half an acre of territory can produce about a ton of fibre. In comparison, organic Californian cotton drains 782 gallons of water/pound and needs 3.5 acres to get the same amount of produced fibre. Eucalyptus can also be planted on low quality lands without altering the fibre, giving access to good arable land necessary to grow high quality food.

The fibre goes through different steps for its manufacturing. The tree is first cut to wood chip and mixed with amine oxides, an organic, biodegradable and non-toxic solvent. That solvent is organic and biodegradable. The fibre is softly dissolved, cellulose is extracted and its agglomeration forms the fabric. Then multiple cleaning and drying cycles finally allows creating a final product clean and soft to maximize quality and comfort.

99% of the solvent and water used in the process are recycled and used again, the loss being minimal is ideal for an eco-friendly product. Finally, the tree automatically reproduces its own new sprouts, considerably reducing the energy loss and carbon emanations form heavy machinery normally used by industries to replant trees.

Eucalyptus layers must be compressed and held by small tufts on the surface of the mattress. These tufts are made of a cotton string with a plastic end visible on the mattress, for a more handcrafted style.

Cotton Fibre

Cotton fiber is used in our mattresses because it is partially a natural material which fits the body shapes and absorbs the humidity. Then our body can better regulate the heat and the sleep is less disturb by the increase in temperature.

The white cotton comes from the cotton flower that undergoes mechanical modifications. The jagged flowers are getting rid of their shell by passing through different vibration stages. Once the cotton is clean, polyester fibers are added to it following the futon flammability requirements in Canada. This cotton is naturally white and not chemically treated. The compound is distributed in layers of different sizes. We only use cotton in layers in the making of our futons. The cotton in layers is more resistant to compression and it allows to avoid any movement of the material inside the mattress.

Natural Latex

Latex has most of the qualities one would require from a good mattress:

  • The elasticity of latex allows the mattress to adapt to the body shape and reduces uncomfortable pressure points.
  • A very durable component that loses little volume, ensuring that the mattress will keep its shape throughout the years.
  • Regulates temperature, allowing the body to remain cool and dry.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic.

Latex Type: natural Dunlop
Origin: Sri Lanka
Density: 4.7 lb/cubic foot
Firmness Measurement: soft (23-27)

Latex is a natural product made from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). This sap is harvested by making notches in the tree trunk. We use high-quality natural Dunlop latex. Although our latex is not certified organic, it is natural and not a synthetic blend. We believe this type of latex is the best in terms of quality at a reasonable price.


Quebec (Canada)
Family-owned business since 1981


We’re proud to donate $10 for every mattress sold to Nature Conservancy of Canada

Established in 1962, NCC is Quebec’s leading not-for-profit private land conservation organization.